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New Questions December 11, 2010

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In the past it would irritate me when students would ask “Do I have to do it?”  when given an assignment.

I can honestly say that since I made a conscious effort to change how I teach and incorporate more technology, that question has changed.

Their new question is “What are we doing today?”

They have also been known to ask “What’s next?” and “When can I do that?”

Now those are questions that do not irritate me in any way!  They make me smile…  🙂


One Response to “New Questions”

  1. Mr Poole Says:


    I totally agree with what you are saying! This year I have had the opportunity to have a 1:1 classroom where each student has their own netbook, so part of their routine in class is to come in, get their materials, open their netbook and we begin. I have found that it is crucial to teach the students that tech. is a tool to enhance their learning and if the netbook or another form of tech is not the best tool for the lesson, then we use a diff. tool. They have truly embraced the mentality and are so engaged, excited, and ready to learn! I love it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Chuck Poole (New Jersey)

    Feel free to visit our class blog with all the kids blogs linked to it here:

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