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Storybird December 30, 2010

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I started using Storybird in my first grade classroom this school year and love it!

I created a Storybird to share with you the reasons I use Storybird in my classroom:
Storybird in the Classroom on Storybird

Storybirds created by my first grade class are currently private, but I can share with you my daughter’s work.  She is a 5th grader. After reading her story, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see another story she wrote as well as a story we collaborated on.

A Rainy City, With No Sun on Storybird

The possibilities are endless!  Happy writing!  🙂

Comment to let me know how you use Storybird in your classroom.


4 Responses to “Storybird”

  1. Terese Says:

    Hi! I used Storybird for the first time just before Christmas — they wrote some hysterical Christmas stories.

    I’m in search of less obvious yet inspiring ideas to assign my students for writing StoryBirds — do you have any ideas if there are a list of suggested assignments somewhere?

    • Hello Terese! I am not aware of an assignment list on Storybird. But it would be a great idea!

      What grade do you teach? I would be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you for assignments.

      • Terese Says:

        I teach K-8, and started using StoryBird with 4th. One quarter of the class came to me today saying that their parents want more info about Storybird so they can make them from home. I think they’re hooked!

  2. Terese – That is awesome! I love when they continue their learning from home! My daughter taught her 5th grade class how to use Storybird yesterday and the response was the same. I love that her teacher allowed her to be the teacher as well!

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