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Visual Presentation August 17, 2011

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Meet The Teacher

The above link is the PDF file for the presentation I am sharing with you:

What have you been doing all summer?  Don’t you just love that question?!?  It always implies we have been busy doing nothing but relaxing poolside.  Now I love relaxing poolside, but I have also been busy learning new things and developing new ideas.  One thing I worked on this summer was taking my curriculum night/meet the teacher presentation and making it a visual presentation.

I utilized Keynote for Mac.  I started on my MacBook, but then ended up loving editing it on my iPad.  I found the Keynote App for iPad very user freindly and less intimidating then the full version of Keynote.  I chose to use the black background so my images and words would pop.

On curriculum/meet the teacher night, I will be projecting my iPad directly through a projector in my classroom.  The Keynote App will give me an elapsed time of my presentation and allow me to control the presentation through my iPhone Keynote Remote.

I found assembling the curriculum night packets much easier because I have eliminated the paper that went with the presentation.  Now the parents will watch my Keynote as I present the information, without the need for handouts.

I then posted the presentation onto my teacher website so they could review it at a later date or if they miss the evening, can watch it there.

The presentation I posted has gone from my iPad to my MacBook and then into PDF format, so it is missing effects and I did omit identifying information, but it gives you the basic idea of what I created.

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Please share what you have been working on this summer….when you haven’t been poolside! 🙂

Here’s to a great school year!


2 Responses to “Visual Presentation”

  1. Jill Says:

    I’m glad you are getting the opportunity to increase your use of technology to make your job easier! That was a luxury I always enjoyed at St. Agnes. I’ll get to play with some new technology this year: my classroom has a Promethean board, one of those “smart whiteboard” thingies. It will be interesting to see how much I use it, and how much I rely on my “old” PowerPoints. We’ll see…

  2. Paula Says:

    Wow Betsy! I can see how this will make the presentation much easier on you and your audience. I will be eager to hear how it goes tonight. Good luck!

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