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Organized Sign Ups December 29, 2012

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When scheduling and organizing parent conferences or other sign ups such as needed supplies for a class project, does your desk look like this?

I know mine does! For example to schedule parent conferences I send a letter home, which comes back to me with hopefully 3 times that would work best for the parent. Then I have to assign time slots to fit into the two conference nights, hopefully meeting everyone’s needs.

This time I tried something new!

Sign Up Genius

I created a sign up through Sign Up Genius, which then emailed a link to the parents in my classroom. Parents accessed my sign up through the link and selected their own time slot!

No more paper passing! No more puzzling through selecting time slots! What a time saver for both myself and the parents in my classroom! I even selected that Sign Up Genius will remind parents of their conference 2 days before their scheduled time.

I am also using Sign Up Genius to allow parents to select different food items to bring in for an upcoming writing project. Again, no paper passing, assigning of items, etc.

I love when technology works to make tasks simpler so I can focus more on my students and creating creative learning projects and less on paperwork!


Angry Birds Do Math November 27, 2012


In my quest to utilize technology and keep learning relevant to my students, we subtracted with Angry Birds today.  It was a hit!  We recorded how many birds and piggies we started with on a level.  Then we subtracted to discover answers to story problems as we played.

Here are some story problems related to Angry Birds:

We started with 4 birds.  We now have only 1 bird left.  How many birds have I used?  (4 – ? = 1)

We started with 4 birds.  We used 2 birds.  How many birds do we have left? (4 – 2 = ?)

There are 8 piggies.  We hit 3 piggies.  How many piggies are left?  (8 – 3 = ?)

There were 8 piggies at the start of the game.  There are now 2 piggies.  How many piggies have we been able to hit? (8 – ? = 2)

We have 10 piggies and 6 birds.  How many more piggies do we have than birds?  (10 – 6 = ?)


And using other math concepts:

How many piggies do we have to get?  How many birds do we have at the start of the game?  Do we have more birds or piggies?  ( >, <, =)

We have 4 birds.  How many are red and how many are yellow? (number combinations)

We have a little blue bird.  When I hit the screen, the bird multiplies to 3.  How many birds were added? (1 + ? = 3)

How many birds and piggies are there in total?

If I have 5 birds and 10 piggies, how many piggies do I need to hit with each bird to win the game? (multiplication)


Have you used Angry Birds in the classroom?  Please share your thoughts and ideas!  🙂



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